Art Club Offers Alternative to a Digital World

Eric Browne, Editor in Chief
November 4, 2012
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High school is quickly digitalizing itself into the 21st century, and for better or worse, as the computer classes and technology courses start out-numbering the rest, the arts seem to be inevitably fading into the background. If you feel like you are one of the few remaining art enthusiasts left here at Mission Bay High School then it’s your lucky day! From this year’s new round of student clubs, “Art Club” was born. Meeting at lunch every Thursday in room 261, Art Club allows you to explore your own personal interests in the medium.
Avid artist and Treasurer of Art Club, Dana Zimmer, wants people to know that Art Club isn’t like Art 1,2 or the other art classes at Mission Bay High School, “No one’s judging your artwork. There are no grades, of course, and even if you have no talent in art, as long as you appreciate it there’s a place for you.” Don’t think Art Club is a one-trick pony, only featuring art and ignoring every other artistic medium. Art Club will also feature poetry, prose, and photography. “We aren’t totally certain on how we’re going to incorporate the literary aspect into art so if anyone has any ideas come to Art Club and share them and we’ll be more than willing to hear you out,” Zimmer explained.
Art Club was formed to give students a creative outlet and help get aspiring artists’ artwork seen and entered into contests. In the future Art Club wants to have local artists come in and talk about themselves and how they got started and even help paint murals around the school. “Our mission is to beautify the school through art,” Kristen Tran, President of Art Club, commented, “we would really like to get a mural done by the end of this year.” Art Club will also give opportunities to anyone looking for community service, painting a local electrical box on a weekend or decorating the school for the holidays.
To get people into the Halloween spirit, on October 30th and the 31st Art Club will be holding a fundraiser at lunch where you can have your face painted by one of the many skilled artists in Art Club. A small design worth $1 and a larger design for $2. All donations go to funding Art Club’s supplies and contest entries. So, if you forgot to wear a costume on one of those days and feel out of place, don’t fret, Art Club can make you look like anything you want: a tiger, ladybug, cat, dog, etc. You name it, they’ll draw it.
Bright splashes of color across the canvas express one teen’s anger toward her parents while another teen views it as a sunset and is instantly calmed. Art allows these two people to have their opinions and both be completely right. “I want everyone to get to know each other and be comfortable with one another. This way everyone can feel more at home and do the pieces they want to do. We are all friends here,” Kristen Tran, President of Art Club, commented on how she will run the club. So, if you need a place to get your emotions out, or if you just love art, then don’t forget to check out Art Club every Thursday at lunch in Room 261.

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