Essay of motivation

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Hi, guy, this is my an essay for are sometimes so motivated to such an extent that you feel stronger than anything, that all kinds of ideas come to your mind and your problems do not bother you anymore? Surely you were under the influence of motivation. The problem is that this feeling of superheroes does not last very long. A stroke happens and something does not go as we desire, motivation diminishes greatly.Here are three tips that helped me most to keep my motivation.

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1 .Setting Goals

As you’ve probably heard, the table of objectives is very important for achieving goals is because it helps us to keep focus. The images give us emotions, emotions drive us to take action and actions bring us to results. It is therefore very important to get an objective picture of what we want to achieve and place it in a place you’ll see frequently. In front of your bed to me is the perfect place.

2. The circle effect

The worst thing is to get demotivated frequently by negative people. Some people will do everything for you to put up barriers and say that you are not able to accomplish something. Having positive people to meet regularly on the same wavelength as me, helps me keep my motivation.

3. Keep educating yourself

Regardless of the level of success a person can have in his life, he must always continue to learn and to make learning a priority in his life. The winners continue to learn regardless of their level of success. We can follow public seminars, webinars, read books, follow blogs, join forums to discuss and so on.

4. Maintain your view of yourself

Do you encourage and reward yourself when you make a progress or when you accomplishing a goal. How do you reward your dog when it does something for you? With food! Well for us, it’s the same: congratulate yourself when you do something good, it does not hurt. It adds some fun and it motivates action. Then find your reward and do not forget to keep on the path to your goal.

5. Healthy lifestyle

How do sports at 6 am before work if you go to bed at midnight every day? Save yourself this superhuman effort and make sure your lifestyle is as following:

Good Sleep: a minimum of 6 hours per night to have your eyes open during the day
Healthy food: do not overeat at noon to avoid “bad” digestion.
Play sports: sport, even in small doses, releases hormones in our body and give us well-being for several days.

6. Become an optimist practicing

The relationship between optimism and success is well documented. To boost your optimism
practice positive visualization: visualize yourself in the process of carrying out the actions that lead to your goal, in the process of trying to achieve and enjoy your fruits. If for example, you want to learn a foreign language, you should be constantly communicating in that language.

Visualization used by all people who are successful: the artists, athletes, top athletes from all disciplines, but also businessmen who all visualize their success.
Feed yourself positive thoughts. Try to develop only positive thoughts in your head and replace immediately with a positive thinking any negative thoughts that would come to your mind. At first, it’s a little hard and then it becomes a game until you have eliminated any negative thoughts.