Graduation is just around the corner!

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Roberto Cuevas, Staff Reporter
May 13, 2014
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Graduation is just around the corner for the seniors at Mission Bay High School. The amazing class of 2014 has made it so far and now it’s time for them to move on with their lives and on to the next step to their career. Many of them are getting lazy as the number of days left of school is decreasing. We need to keep their heads up and motivate them in order to keep doing good in school and meet graduation requirements.

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We were wondering how staff felt towards the graduating seniors moving on to their education. We decided to interview Ms. Schwartz to ask her about her opinion. We asked her how she felt now that the class of 2014 is graduating. She replied saying, “I’m excited about your good fortune and were all going to miss you.” We then asked what piece of advice she would give to the graduating seniors and she said, “To follow your dreams, continue making the world a better place as you have in Mission Bay and work hard and have fun.” Our last question we decided to ask her was what was her opinion of the class of 2014. She said, “Amazing group of kids and the whole staff agree you guys are a great group of kids.” Then Ms. Davenport who was nearby heard and said, “I agree 100%.”

When we were done interviewing Ms. Schwartz, we decided to interview a senior from Mission Bay in order to get get to know how most seniors are feeling with graduation being one month away. When we saw Linda Cardozo in the hallway, we asked her how she felt knowing graduation is nearly a month away. She replied saying, “I feel nervous and excited. Until now it hit me that I’m about to graduate and enter the real world.” Now wondering about the graduation requirements, we asked her if she has her attendance cleared. She thought about it and said, “I am not sure because Ms. Sanchez keeps on saying she’s not sure and I think it’s rude that she’s not helping me when she’s supposed to, and it’s her job to do so.”

Now that we have Ms. Schwartz excellent advice and her opinion and also what Linda Cardozo had to say, we now have a good knowledge on where seniors stand and we need to make sure they meet the graduation requirements in order to attend the ceremony.  One thing they can do is talk to their counselors and see what they can do. Stay strong class of 2014!