Girls Soccer Season Underway

Sara Sandoval, Beachcomber Staff Writer
December 16, 2012
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The soccer season has begun and the girls soccer team has been having practice daily to prepare for their games. So far the varsity team has had two games and has achieved victory in both. They played against Montgomery High twice to start their season and beat them 1-0 the first game on November 28 with only a few practices with the team and the following week winning 5-1. The Mission Bay High School girls soccer team came back strong from last year’s undefeated team. The girls have started well with two victories so far.
The team is having experienced players from last years team join again now as seniors. Yvonne Clemente, a four year varsity player,  has made two goals so far and she’s planning to make many more throughout the season. Every day they practice hard to better themselves, and have been running constantly to stay in shape and beat their opponent sometimes in the last five minutes of the game. “Every soccer player needs to have conditioning to have a good game and outrun the other team” said team player Adilene Ortiz. The whole team is hoping to have a successful season and make it to CIF’s.
Overall the Bucs girls soccer team has had good teamwork to make those goals leading them to victory so far. The parents, students, and staff going to games have shown them support and the players have given the best effort they can in both practices and games.

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