Restaurant Review: Smashburger

Austin Hernandez, Beachcomber Staff Writer
December 16, 2012
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2556 Laning Road holds an incredibly quaint and inviting Smashburger in Point Loma. This is supposedly one of Point Loma’s best and most hidden secrets. Smashburger is a franchise that has location from California all the way out to New York, and even Puerto Rico. I did get a chance to talk to one of the owners of the San Diego branch and also the manager of this specific location and they gave us a lot of insight on the difficulties of opening up new restaurants in new locations. The conversation with these gentlemen was highly enjoyable and I look forward to returning to this restaurant. Personally this is my favorite Smashburger location.
Immediately as I walked through the door I was greeted by a friendly and welcoming cashier named Molly. She started off by asking me if this was my first time at SmashBurger and if there was anything she could do to assist me with my order.  She then began to help me with all my questions about the menu because their menu is a bit intricate and hard to comprehend at first. My favorite thing about their menu is that you can make the burger however you would like, with whatever toppings you would like to add, all at a reasonable price. I ended up just getting the regular sized, well done San Diego Smashburgerr with a side of Smash fries.

The wait was remarkably short, probably about five or six minutes and while I was waiting I started looking around and realized the simple elegance of the interior design. The theme revolves around the large Smashburger sign at the entrance, everything is red with pictures of families eating and having a grand time that sends a subliminal message to the customers to also enjoy their time and brings about a relaxing mood into the environment.

After my meal I was greeted by the manager, Matt, and one of the owners, Wayne. They asked me how I enjoyed my evening at their restaurant and I gladly replied letting them know that I felt very at home and relaxed and that the staff was very welcoming. We continued talking and they let me know of some of the struggles of opening a new restaurant such as staffing problems, getting new customers, and also promoting the new restaurant. Before I left to be on my way I informed the staff that they made my experience incredible and thanked them before telling them to have a great evening. When I asked why they go through so much trouble just to open a new restaurant the owner replied, “You can’t make a dollar without spending a dollar.”

           Overall, I had a wonderful experience at the Point Loma Smashburger and will be returning soon. The thing I liked the most was the efficiency of the staff members and their customer service. It was very impressive, especially because I have been to many restaurants and observed many different environments and this one just stood out. The thing I most disliked was that the trash was overflowing and the soda station had a dirty counter but other than those minor errors everything was great. Personally, I would rate this Smashburger location a 4.5 out of 5.

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