Mission Bay Athletes Get New Weight Room

February 14, 2013
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The “Chargers Champions” program was started in 2000 by the Chargers Community Foundation and the Spanos family, of whom A.G. Spanos is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chargers. Since then they have donated $4 million to schools in need of improvements to their physical education and athletic programs. Most recently, the program has donated a whopping $250,000 to a number of schools in the district for some much needed upgrades. One of those schools was Mission Bay High School.
Out of the grant money, $75,000 will go towards improvements to the Mission Bay weight room- construction will begin next year. This will not only improve the experience of the students of MB’s physical education classes but also students athletes involved in the school’s many athletic programs. “It’s going to be a completely new weight room,” says Coach Jorge Palacios, Athletic Director of Mission Bay High School, “it’s going to have state-of-the-art, completely functional equipment.”
Enough can’t be said about how grateful the students of Mission Bay High School are about the upcoming improvements. The student-athletes especially look forward to the new weight room and finally getting efficient equipment. “I think it’s going to make people want to be in there more,” comments Nick Plum, student-athlete at Mission Bay High School, “and in the long run that will be really great for all our teams.” As for the effects of the upgrades on students outside of the athletic programs, Coach Palacios had this to say, “I think the Physical Education classes are going to be a lot more engaged, and the rest of the students are going to be able to see it as a free gym, essentially.”

The new weight room is looking at a grand reopening date of early 2013. “The timeline for the construction is being put together now,” says the coach, “we are shooting for around spring or early summer.” And while that may be just around the corner, it’s a long time to wait for all those young athletes at Mission Bay who are looking forward to improving their physical condition in a more state-of-the-art environment.

Overall, there is a lot of excitement in the air in anticipation of the new weight room. The promise of new, more modern, and most importantly, safer area to work out has all the young juniors, sophomores and freshmen eagerly waiting for the chance to use the new facilities next year, and it goes without saying that student-athletes from every sport in the MBHS athletic program will be utilizing them to the fullest in order to up their game in the seasons to come.

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