Vocational School

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Arael Gonzalez, Staff Reporter
June 5, 2016
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What are your plans after high school graduation? Students should have a good idea of what they want to do after they finish high school. If a student is not going to continue their education in college or university then they should most likely be looking for a job or something to keep themselves busy. A lot of high school graduates tend to end their education and would much rather spend the rest of their lives working in minimum wage jobs. Thankfully, there are other options for your future and other opportunities for you to take advantage of.

If you are a person who doesn’t necessarily like school but wants a to gain a new skill is a good option for students who want a fast education to earn a decent career with decent pay can attend the vocational school which takes six months to one year. There are various programs and careers which one can look into in vocational schools such as small nursing jobs, electrician, plumbing, etc. Vocational schools are also much cheaper than colleges and some even provide free classes for people who want to pursue their education. Seniors should be more engaged in their own future and where they want to be in five years from now. We, the Beachcomber, interviewed Mission Bay High School alumni, Ricardo Benitez, a senior, for his opinion on vocational school and he replied, “It’s probably better to attend college or university but anything is fine nowadays. It’s better to attend vocational school and get some education, instead of getting nothing at all.”

Gaining new skills is always a good thing to have in mind especially for future situations that you may have in the future. You can even use this skill to get a side job apart from the one you may already have. You can have your own private job where people can go to you if they are in need of assistance with something that an ordinary person without experience can do. Get out there and check what vocational schools are around your neighborhood. Don’t end your education career with only a high school degree. After all, there is always time to go back to school and get a bit of an extra education even if you are going to take to a specific class.