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Welcome to the Mission Bay High SchoolBeachcomber, a 59-year tradition here in beautiful San Diego, California.The Beachcomberis now completely digital. It’s a sign of the times that media have changed to the point where content is faster, more localized, and customized to our Mission Bay and greater San Diego community. We hope you enjoy our foray into the online world, and we welcome your opinions, comments, and suggestions. Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and enjoy the news brought to you by the Buccaneers of Mission Bay High School.

Much of our funding stems from the Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools. We can’t thank them enough for their generous support of our program. We hope to live up to their expectations and continue to strive for excellence. Follow the link to see how you can volunteer, give, or get involved!

Any other proceeds we earn are generated through advertising purchased by our local San Diego businesses, which we highly encourage. We average anywhere from 100 to 500 unique page views per day, and our students and families love to check out businesses as they advertise. Check out the advertising contract below for more information on how to advertise with us.

Here is where Mission Bay students live in San Diego. (Infographic courtesy Keegan Kyle / Voice of San Diego) As you can see, it’s a broad and potentially lucrative advertising area. Teenagers spend about $100 billion a year, and they influence 75%, about $165 Billion of their parents’ money per year. That’s something to consider.

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January 15th, 2012 to February 14th, 2012 (30-day Stats for The Beachcomber)


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