Grad Night

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Isaiah Milan, Staff Reporter
May 23, 2016
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Grad Night is coming up on the calendar for Mission Bay High School, on Saturday, June 7th. This event is normally on a school day but this year a lot of schools wanted to try something different. The price for one ticket for this awesome night was $105 dollars. All students will be bused to and from Disneyland, leaving at 2:30 pm and coming back the next morning at 3:30 am. According to the information that was given, Mission Bay can only bring up to 200 seniors from our school. What this means is the tickets were first to come, first served. Tickets are sold out now, so seniors now are just waiting for that big night to have themselves a little going away party.

            We at the Beachcomber talk to some of the seniors and they had this to say about Grad Night. “Grad Night is about to be the best day of our lives aside from prom,” said Shaki Harvey. It seemed like when we were walking around, lots of seniors were excited but we did find a couple of students that weren’t looking forward to June 7th. Senior Djatan Blevins said, “I’m not going because they don’t really have rides at Disneyland, and it’s a little bit too expensive for my budget.” Students also said they would prefer to go to prom rather than Grad Night if they had to choose. Prom will be on May 31 of 2014 at the Bahia Hotel.

            We also decided to interview some of the lower classmen to see how they felt about grad night, even though they aren’t going. “Grad Night should be fun for all of our seniors. Every senior should want to go and have so much fun,” said Ari Linley (Grade 11). Grad will be on a Saturday because it is not a school-sponsored event. Grad Night is being hosted by one of our own student’s parents. Meg Deitz’s (Grade 12) mom, Pam Deitz, is the mother hosting the event this year.

            There were requirements to meet to be able to participate in all the senior activities. One of the requirements was you had to have a 2.0 or higher in your GPA, you had to have less than 16 tardies, and no more than 3 absences. When purchasing a ticket they gave you a receipt that you will have to bring on the day of the event. You will also have to bring your school ID so they know it’s you that brought the ticket. They will be having parents volunteer to chaperone for the seniors at grad night so nothing won’t happen and seniors don’t get lost.